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The Higher EdTech Podcast

Sep 26, 2019

While there is a lot of tech available to choose from, overwhelmed teachers may not make the best decisions when preparing for their classes. Brent and Tim discuss some of the things teachers should be thinking about before they make their choices on what tech to integrate. Additionally, to continue the quizzing series,...

Sep 19, 2019

In episode 7 of the Higher EdTech Podcast, Brent and Tim discuss the roles and responsibilities of an Instructional Technologist, how it is different from IT (Information Technology) and Instructional Design. They also jump into the unique options afforded in Quizizz in part 2 of the mini-series on low stakes quizzing...

Sep 12, 2019

Brent and Tim dive into having a better understanding of how to use Canvas Analytics to better understand and serve your students. They also begin a series on quizzing options in the classroom, starting with Kahoot, the classic fast-paced challenge game to engage students and check for understanding.

Sep 6, 2019

Tim and Brent take a look at a highly functional but often overlooked tool in Canvas - the Gradebook. With a newly updated gradebook, there are a lot of excellent features that teachers can use to support their students and help them succeed. In part 2, we jump into a primer on Flipgrid. While Flipgrid is huge in K-12,...