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The Higher EdTech Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

As we move toward the winter break, some of you may be considering a project to do in your down time, or possibly introducing something new next semester. Brent & Tim talk about the possibilities around adding podcasting into your life.

Then, in preparation for the last weeks of class, let's look at some ways you can...

Nov 19, 2020

There are a lot of options for using AI to transcribe your classes live, and a growing number of incredibly powerful options for translating on the fly. Tim & Brent look at some of your choices for transcription and translation. 

Then, a new legal opinion has come out from the California Community Colleges about...

Nov 5, 2020

After a long October of PD organizations moving their conferences online, Brent & Tim reflect on the pros and cons of digital conferences, often examining two sides of the same coin. They also look at MOOC options and recommendations for personal development through online courses.

Oct 15, 2020

Brent & Tim sit down with Allison Dillard, professor of Math at Irvine Valley College to talk math, tech, student engagement, and more. She also shares a bit about her new math-centered podcast, The Allison Loves Math Podcast! 

Oct 1, 2020

With many California colleges and universities announcing plans to stay online in spring 2021, it's valuable to see what campuses may start to look like with reduced staff on campus, and adjusted facilities. Brent & Tim explore some of the current conversations and possibilities. Then, a look at making sure you make the...